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Petone Rowing Club - 1900's Information Gallery

Petone Rowing Club

This section has been created to navigate you to past details and information regarding the Petone Rowing Club. Just click on the season/year below that you wish to review, (If information is not available the page will not open). It is the goal of the PRC to add information regarding every year of the club, including club photo's, new paper clippings, minutes of meetings, memories, and other collaterials of interest. PRC would be grateful if you can email any collaterials to Petone@integritie.com
Rowing Seasons
1909 - 1910
1908 - 1909
1907 - 1908
1906 - 1907
1905 - 1906
1904 - 1905
1903 - 1904
1902 - 1903
1901 - 1902
1900 - 1901


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