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Petone Rowing Club -     1976-1977 Season


Petone Rowing Club



1976 and 1977 are arguably the most significant and successful years that the Petone Rowing Club have enjoyed.  

In 1976 the PRC had many club members represent New Zealand at the Montreal Olympics, followed by the PRC winning the covenant Premier Eights race at the New Zealand Nationals.


Petone Rowing Club - Winners of the New Zealand Premier Eight - 1977

Cox: Jason Chambers
Stroke: Viv Haar
7: Ian Boserio
6: Tim Logan
5: Grant Miskimmin
4: Des Lock
3: Chris Butchers
2: Ryan Lock
Bow: John Argue.

Official winning margin ..... 4 inches from Waikato who had led much of the race.

1976 - Petone Rowing Club recognition event for our Olympic Representitives, including Tim Logan, Des Lock, Ian Boserio, Viv Haar, and Roy Hewson



Petone Rowing Club -  Montreal Olympics - 1976


more regarding this season will be added as collaterials are available...

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