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Petone Rowing Club Member Profiles

Petone Rowing Club
Member Profiles are broken into the following sections:
1) A Summary of all persons that are or have been members of the PRC,
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2) A Summary of all Life Members of Petone Rowing Club
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3) A Summary of Members that have achieved significant succcess in Rowing at the PRC
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4) A Summary of Current and Past Executive Committee Members

The Petone Rowing Club is grateful for the assistance of our current and past Committee members. It is with pleasure we recognise these members, including:

Past Club Presidents Past Club Captains Past Secretary's Past Treasurers
  Past Committee Members Past Patrons  


Note: Member Profiles are dependant upon you as club members sharing appropriate information. We seek feedback from all current and past rowers to ensure we have all members correctly identified and listed in the appropriate sections. Please contact the club Historian to share information that assists the PRC to ensure a complete, accurate, and comprehensive summary of all Member Profiles.

This Member Profile page will be continually updated with profiles of members as our historians have the opportunity to research club records and stories.



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