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Profile of Viv Haar

Petone Rowing Club

This site is under construction, (last updated 30th August 2004)

Viv Haar is one of the pivotal walls of the Petone Rowing Club.            
The PRC is in his blood, his hair, underneath his skin, and is in every atom of his being.
Viv's contributions in rowing, coaching, club administration, and member mentoring at 
Petone is uncalculable.   Arguably without Viv there could be no PRC today. 
When the club is running smoothly Viv is there to help keep the momentum forward, and on 
the toughest days over the last 30 years Viv has been at the front to help the club stay focused 
and strong.  Like Russell Baxter, Viv has become one of the PRC Statesmen.
Viv joined the Petone Rowing Club before King Henry VIII and the Tudor monarchy. He is one of the longest 
active supporting members of Petone since Tom Watson and Ron Blandford.

In the 1970's Viv represented New Zealand at the Olympics.  (more to follow) xxxxxxxxxx

Today Viv is still an active member of the Petone Rowing Club both locally and internationally with masters rowing.


A lot more to follow xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx




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