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Petone Rowing Club Fees and Subscriptions

Petone Rowing Club

Attached are the annual Membership fees for the Petone Rowing Club.

Membership Fees are now due for the 2012/2013 season

Review the following file for details of the 2012/2013 membership fees

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Cheques should be made payable to: “Petone Rowing Club Inc.”

Mail cheques to: The Secretary, Petone Rowing Club Inc., P O Box 38 016, Wellington Mail Centre 5045

If you prefer to pay using Internet banking, please pay these into the following account: 06 – 0507 – 0112335 – 25
Please quote 'Your name' '2012-13' 'Type of membership using code below' in the boxes provided to identify your payment e.g.: Bloggs, J 2012-13 SPM

Membership type codes:
AA Active Adult - $600.00 ($550 if paid before 1 September 2010)
TSM Tertiary Student Member - $500.00 ($450 if paid before 1 September 2010)
TSM (s) Tertiary Student Member – Summer Holiday University Student Rowers - $350.00
TSM (w) Tertiary Student Member - Winter Holiday University Student Rowers - $300.00
SPM School Person Member - $500.00 ($450 if paid before 1 September 2010)
COX Coxswain - $200.00 ($150 if paid before 1 September 2010)
LTR Learn to Row - $300.00
GYM Gymnasium Only - $250.00
HAM Hon Active Member - $50.00
PAM Past Active member - $50.00


To ensure your payment is recorded as soon as possible please send an email to: Secretary@PetoneRowingClub.com giving the date, amount of payment and details of payment


The Petone Rowing Club accept with pleasure Donations of $25 or more for
non-active members who would like to receive club newsletters and regular email contacts.

Persons that only pay donations are not registered as club members and cannot vote at AGM meetings.

All fees and donations should be paid by cheque too:
The Treasurer
PO Box 38-016
New Zealand

All fees are in New Zealand Dollars,

Should you wish to pay by direct bank debit please click here for details


The Copyright of all pictures and content on this site belongs to Petone Rowing Club and may not be used without the written permission of Petone Rowing Club. Should you wish to use any of our content please email copyright@petonerowingclub.com