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PRC Club Constitution
Attached is a copy
of the Petone Rowing Club Constitution Click Here
Wellington Rowing Association Regatta Rules
  1. All events will be conducted under the rules of the NZRA and WRA
  2. The Regatta Committee reserves the right to alter starting times.
  3. Lane 1 is to be the lane nearest the Judges at the finish.
  4. Crews are to wear their registered club uniform.
  5. Crews must be in the start zone five minutes prior to the scheduled start time.  No additional time will be allowed for boat or plant clashes.
  6. Crews proceeding to the start are to keep clear of the course.
  7. The Regatta Committee reserves the right to alter starting times.
  8. Divisions will be rowed as indicated in the programme of events.
  9. Where divisions are required, 1st crews will be placed in division one. Other crews will be drawn for division and lane.
  10. The race umpire may amalgamate divisions when late scratching reduces the field to a manageable event.
  11. Where coxswains are carrying weights, these must not be attached to the body.
  12. Coxswains must wear an approved floatation device.
  13. All boats must be fitted with a bow ball.
  14. Boat lane numbers must be displayed at the bow and be legible to the judges on the shore.
  15. Race umpires may remove any crew from the course where their safety is at risk.
  16. All club entry fees must be paid one hour before the time set down for the first event on the programme. The entry fee is $1 .50 per seat [GST incl] .
  17. Scratched crews must be notified to the Regatta Secretary before the respective race.
  18. Any protest is to be made to the Chief Umpire not later than 15 minutes after the finish of the race.  If further resolution is required the protest is to be made in writing to the Regatta Committee as provided in the NZRA rules.
  19. Wellington Rowing Association will not be responsible for damage to plant or equipment at the regatta.
  20. All events are to be raced over specified distances [usually 2000m] or as near to as safety conditions allow.
  21. Regatta points: 1st  four points; 2nd  two points;  3rd  one point. Row-over winners will be awarded four points even if they race against crews of another class.
Points will be deducted from crews failing to comply with these conditions,  except that failure  to comply with 
items 11 through 14 inclusive will invoke disqualification.




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