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Petone Rowing Club - Roll of Honour

Petone Rowing Club
It is with great pride that the Petone Rowing Club can view their members contributions to the protection of our freedom during the two world wars.

Many members gave their lives to ensure the liberties that we often taken for granted.

May we always remember them all.

Roll Of Honour 1914 - 1918

  Careen, R Mabey, G
  Collins, R Miles, M
  Ewbank, H McFarlane, S *
  Fitzgerald, P Northover, A *
  Falla, L * Parr, E
  Haddock, O Parrant, H
  Hickey, J Staples, J
  Howie, J Tempest, E
  Hooper, A * Wylie, A
  Hepworth, A Wrack, C
  Kemp, R  


Roll Of Honour 1939 - 1945

  Ainslie, A East, R McIvor, F *
  Alexander, W Edney, W * McKay, R *
  Alsop, F Friis, G McKenzie, C *
  Anderson, F Gillen, S McTaggart, A
  Armstrong, J Griffen, R O'Connor, F
  Balderstone, C Hall, L Paintain, F
  Baigent, N Harvey, C Parsonage, H
  Barraclough, C Higgins, R Popple, E
  Barraclough, H Hobbs, H Rodda, G
  Binns, G Hope, A Rowlands, J
  Braid, J Hope, E Scullion, W
  Boswell, J * Hudson, J Sharon, R
  Boswell, K Hyde, L Simpkiss, J *
  Booth, A Jonassen, A Symons, D
  Buchanan, H Kearns, T Te Puni, J
  Calvert, G Lee, G Te Puni, T
  Carter, I Logie, N Tong, C
  Christensen, L London, G Tregurtha, R
  Cockhead, K Lowe, R Watson, W
  Dearness, J Mahon, J * Wells, M
  Delaney, R Major, T Wilson, E
  Denison, S McDonald, D Young, W
  Dixon, H    

* Paid the Supreme Sacrifice


     "It is rather for us,
          that we here highly resolve
             that these dead 
                shall not have died in vain:
                   that this nation under God shall 
                        have a new birth for freedom,
                           and that government 
                                of the people,
                                    by the people,
                                        and for the people,
	                           shall not perish from the earth." 
		Abraham Lincoln



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