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Petone Rowing Club Sponsorship & Fundraising

Petone Rowing Club

The Petone Rowing Club established this sponsorship page as an opportunity for the club and its members past, present and future, to officially recognise and say thank you to those organisations, charitable trusts, companies and individuals who have and will assist the club or its members in achieving our goals and dreams.

How an investment in Petone Rowing Club can benefit your company!

We are pleased to present an exciting opportunity for you to promote your company through an investment in Petone Rowing Club. Currently New Zealand rowing is experiencing a ‘golden era’ with a very positive and well-publicised profile in national and international media. We believe through our large number of committed, hard training, and talented athletes, we can offer your company excellent positive exposure. We appreciate the fact you are a business and you have specific target and goals to reach to be successful.

If your company were to invest in Petone Rowing Club we would be able to provide positive promotion and brand exposure, local and national advertising and marketing opportunities, and a sense of corporate citizenship only sponsorship can provide. The joint interests of your company and Petone Rowing Club can be realised through partnerships and investments, and mutual benefits will be created as each partner strives to be the best in their respective competitive environments.

Please refer to our home page for details of Sponsors and Supporters.

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